In Islam, one of the significant areas of the lifetime of a man or woman is getting married. Islam encourages both young men and women to tie the knot as early as possible. Moreover, aside from the general praise of getting married, Islam also tells its followers to construct such a marital relationship in which both the spouses live happily and offer a better atmosphere for their upcoming generation.

The rising divorce rates prevalent in the Western world is all on account of the simple fact that there’s a lack of an institute which could supply them with guidelines about the best way to reside in a family where both spouses can give tranquility to one another, share sorrows and enjoy the life ahead. In this respect, Muslims are blessed, as Allah subhan-ahu wa ta’ala has given ahkam to Muslims on how they may have a healthy marital relationship and live their lives per the Islamic ideology.

husband and wife rights Islam

Here are some tips from Islam that will help you fill happiness and love in your marriage according to the ahkam of Quran and Sunnah.

1. Build a Strong Connection with Quran:

Having a strong connection with the Quran is the most important thing to help both spouses achieve happiness in their marriage. Both the husband and wife need to take advice from Quran regarding the responsibilities and rights of the wife and husband according to Islam. This is what will ensure the success of marriage.

2. Giving Compliments:

Another thing which could help to make the connection healthy and filled with love is always complimenting each other. Among the significant reasons why marriages these days fail is the fact that the spouses don’t complement one another and they don’t enjoy each other for all the great things that they have. When the spouses don’t give compliments to each other, then problems start to arise which consequently cause a toxic relationship.

3. Caring for Your Spouse:

Another important issue to have a successful marriage is to care for the spouse genuinely. Usually, the wife has the function of maintenance and care. However, the husband should also care for his family and especially his wife. The most simple method of caring is by the spending of their income on the well-being and happiness of his wife, kids and those for whom he is responsible.

Therefore, no matter whether it’s the wife or the husband, they both need to take great care of each other and all their family members whether it’s their kids, parents, brothers, and sisters.

Muslim husband and wife relationship

4. Have Trust in Your Spouse:

Trust is also a critical thing that’s required to maintain the relationship of Muslim husband and wife joyful. Both spouses should have trust in each other in each respect. This confidence in each other must be present in every aspect, whether it’s in making a decision, security of land, honor or some other type. If both of them trust each other, they both can overcome any obstacle and live a happy and loving relationship.

5. Have Fun with each other:

Many people believe that Islam is all dull and boring without an element of pleasure or enjoyment within it. The fact of the matter is that Islam encourages the mates to enjoy a healthy relationship, so to make lifestyle healthy and enjoyable, the spouses ought to head out to visit places in holidays, or play games at the house, or even try to have fun with pleasant conversations and so forth.

6. Controlling Anger:

Islam has strongly encouraged Muslims to control anger as it contributes to all types of wrong decisions in haste and egoistic attitudes. Consequently, in a marital relationship, both husband and wife should restrain their anger, as when the anger is under control, they both listen to each other and attempt to figure out things. On the flip side, whenever there is anger, it nullifies soundness of the mind, and in this situation, they might pass rude remarks for each other which contribute to bitterness in marriage. All this consequently loosens the bond of love between them. Therefore, both of them should attempt to practice how not to lose their anger.

Final Words:

To sum it up, if both husband and wife get aware about their rights and responsibilities according to Islam and refrain from all what Islam considers unlawful and act according to what Islam rules, then without a shadow of a doubt this will fill love and happiness in such a blessed marriage.