Most people have a piece of clothing they wear a lot, but there’s no need to say goodbye when it gets past its best. Try these five ideas for ways to repurpose your old favourite shirt.


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Get ready

Start by gathering together all of the ingredients you’ll need to start your new project. Find a pair of sharp scissors or a rotary cutter to use in disassembling the shirt.

1 Buttons

A good use for an old shirt is to collect the buttons from it for use in future projects. A button collection can come in handy when you’re looking to add some individual flair to a new piece. Simply snip them off and keep them until needed.

2 Doll clothes

One old shirt can make a whole new wardrobe for a child’s special friends. Try cutting off one sleeve at the middle of the forearm, using the shirt’s cuff as the waistband for a skirt. Cut other shapes from the shirt to make into other items of clothing and accessories.

3 Napkins

Any old shirt will do for this project, but if you really felt like pushing the boat out you could use a new shirt in a pattern of your choosing. For example, mens Farah shirts come in many different prints and colourways, and are easily sourced online from places such as Cutting rectangles from a shirt that matches the colour of your kitchen or dining room can be a good way to add a little extra style to your home.


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4 Cloth bag

A little cloth carry bag can be very useful for storing small items such as phones or cameras, and your old shirt can be the ideal fabric to use. Simply remove the front pocket of the shirt, leaving the backing on and a section of fabric around six inches in length above the pocket. Use this extra section as a flap, either folding it down or securing it in place with a ribbon and button closure.

5 Headband

Remove the collar of the shirt for an easy to make child’s headband. Attach a hair bobble to the end of the collar and use it to form a loop that will hook over a button sewn onto the other end of the collar. The bobble will stretch easily for a more comfortable wear.